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Novel #1


"I feel empty but filled with courage and desire; I keep the flame going in my feminine domain. I listen to the gentle calling of the Universe: following my heart, I go toward it, knowing my shadow is one step in front. The warmth of your touch tells me you are near while shivers conquer my flesh. I see darkness all around me, though my light still glistens through. I turn slowly to see the SUN watching over me. I am YIN."

Novel #2


I know who I am, but I am stormed with doubt; I keep the flame going in my masculine domain, hoping you will see me. I sing to you through the Universe,hoping you will hear me; I listen to the noise of your crystal tears trickling to the ground;I touch you, but you feel so cold,so I blanket you with warmth.I turn fast to see the MOON watching over me.I am YANG.

Coming Soon
_Gold flower on a black back.webp
_Gold flower on a black back.webp
Novel #3


I am the spark that built your flame; You are masculine, lovingly merging with my feminine existence. You talk, I listen; You have the answers to my heart’s desires; You shine a light alongside my shadows; You are the firm marble held by my soft hand; You move fast when I move slow, giving balance to it wholly. You are my SUN in the MOON-light.I am your MOON in the SUN-light. And so it is; we are whole once again! I am YIN-YANG!"

In Progress

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