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About Me


Zel Rau

Meet ZEL RAU - a former Chicago-based author who recently moved to Naples, Florida, with her husband, their two daughters, two dogs, and a bearded dragon.

Love and connection to the mystical side have flowed through her heart since she was just a little girl. Within the last decade, however, she has come to understand the deeper meaning of life. Through her personal experiences, she has grown to value the link we hold to one another and other - usually unseen - realms of existence that often go unrecognized. 


Zel's Fun Facts

Wife: To the most amazing man, soul and a human being Mother: To two beautiful girls that bring sunshine to my day

College Graduate: Purdue University Author: Twin – Flame – Soul Series Bestseller: Not yet! But you can help me get there

Founder of a Nonprofit: Lotus Reach, Inc. Life’s Purpose: to know the depths of myself & to shine the light from within Color:


Gold and the rest of the rainbow Flower: Hibiscus & Rose Time of the day: Sunrise & Sunset Something done well: Loyalty Something that needs work: Balance Believe in life after death: You better believe it Believe in life on other planets: Yeah! Anything else: Be Good, Do Good & Good Things Will Follow

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